Rubber Conveyor Belt: Advantages and Applications

Apr. 06, 2021

Automation of operations has given a new direction to industrialization. Many small and huge mechanical tasks are being done by automatic electrically run machines. This has indeed enhanced the productivity of various industries by reducing the requirement of manual labor. Moreover, the working conditions and facilities in firms dealing in metals, chemicals, textile, and mining have also been improved.

Consequently, the automated systems have made a significant place outside the industries as well. Tools as simple as conveyer belt can take up humongous work and simplify as well as speed up operations like transmission of raw materials, the supply of finished products, transfer of luggage, packaging, and similar jobs. These tasks can be easily done with the help of these simple mechanical devices run by electric motors and directed by mechanical parts such as rollers.


As per the demand of the application, different types of conveyer belts are available in the market. Rubber conveyor belt can have lengths starting from a few meters to several kilometers. The width of the belt can also be adjusted according to the dimensions of the goods that are to be carried by the belt. Several strong, durable, and elastic layers of fine quality rubber are glued one over the other to form sturdy straps. The retaining capacity of the material is another factor due to which Rubber conveyor belt provides good gripping of the carriage.

Rubber Conveyor Belt

Industries, where these belts are commonly used for daily execution:

Airlines to transfer tourist luggage

Ports to carry heavy luggage

Cement plants to transfer heavy cement bags

Agricultural industries for processes like threshing and drying of grains

Chemical industries for carrying out various chemical operations and movement of stuff

Foundries for cutting, shaping, and packaging materials

Metal industries like steel production plants

Mining industries for carrying out various processes like crushing, grinding, and digging

Power plants

Metal smelting industries for the safe transfer of goods

Construction industries for moving heavy raw materials safely on the site

Cotton ginning industries to carry out the ginning operation smoothly

Grocery store and warehouses for transfer of goods

Advantages of Rubber Conveyor Belt  

The commercial setups where these prolific Rubber conveyor belts are installed are reaping huge benefits such as

The cost-cutting on manual labor is achieved

Speed of operations is increased

The total time to be taken for a particular process can be estimated accurately

Maintenance required by these mechanical tools is very low

The belt can be custom designed as per the demand of the application

The adjustable operation such as operating speed, the direction of rotation, etc.

Rubber is a durable material that provides years of service without any considerable wear and tears

Conveyor belts are available in a huge variety. Also, these can be customized according to the intended use. The use of Rubber conveyor belt helps in handling bulk material in industries and delivering a smooth and undisturbed operation.

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